About Me

I received my BS from the University of West Florida and then worked in my home state of Tennessee as Director of eleven Appalachian Head Start centers.  While receiving my MSW from Boston University School of Social Work I was employed as a community organizer around security issues in a South Boston housing project.  Prior to graduation I worked as a consultant to the Boston Police Academy, assisting Russell Boxley, Ph. D. in training and counseling police recruits.

I later moved to Seattle and was employed by the Seattle Indian Center to co-ordinate cultural exchange conferences in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska between family planning health clinics and Native communities.   This experience pulled me deeply into native spirituality.

For twenty-five years I worked as a Mental Health Counselor for Northwest Native Tribes and am now in private practice in Shelton, WA.

My training includes:

1)    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through James Maynard, founder of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

2)    Certified Part 1 and 2 EMDR

3)    Interactive Guided Imagery with Martin Rossman, M.D. and David Bresler, Ph.D.

4)    Aromatherapy with Jeanne Rose

5)    Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman and Dana Robinson

6)    Archetypes and Sacred Contracts with Caroline Myss, Ph. D.

7)    Imagery and Healing with Belleruth Naparstek, LISW

8)    Inner Child Therapy with Ann Potter, Ph. D.

9)    Recently received 26 hours of advanced level training at the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis annual scientific meeting

I also have extensive training in intergenerational trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, anxiety and depression.  Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology are the base of my therapeutic skills.  I recognize each unique and whole person as a physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual being with the inner resources necessary to resolve problems and live a full life.   My job is to help awaken those inner resources so that healing can occur.